Every Landscape tells a Story

Every landscape tells a story if you know how to listen. Sometimes the story is obvious to anyone who takes the time to look. Other times, however, the story is subtle and you must look deeper within the land to find it. One of the greatest things that photography has taught me is how to seek, find, and appreciate these stories.

I love taking the time to find the deeper stories in the land. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes. Sometimes it takes me days. And sometimes, the story persistently remains a mystery to me. When good fortune prevails, the story reveals itself in a moment of clarity that I can only describe as magic. Due to my poor ability to relate such intense feelings, it is difficult to describe that magic in words or images, but occasionally I successfully bring a landscape story to life through one of my images.

I don’t always succeed, but that is always my goal: to create images that bring landscape stories to life for the viewer. I think that is the hope of all landscape photographers, whether they consciously know it or not. Ideally, an image that I create brings a story to life in a way that is personal to the viewer. Sometimes the viewer may even escape into the image, or be transported in their mind to another place or time. In that way, the image provides a sort of psychological conduit for the viewer That sounds like some art-critic-intellectual-mumbo-jumbo-hoo-ha, but, when you think about it, isn’t that why we look at photographs, or art in general? That is, to escape? Don’t we all love the feeling we get when a photograph makes us think of some place we have been, or someplace we want to go, or someone important to us?

I recently added 19 new images to my website. I created most of these images over the last three or four months. A couple of the images are older, but I finally found the time to process them. All but one of them are landscapes and I hope they all tell a story. I know they all tell a story to me, otherwise they would not make it to my website! If you have a minute, click on the link below and take a look to see if any stories reveal themselves to you, or if any of the images provide even a nanosecond of escape for you. I hope at least one of them does. That is my fondest wish for both you and me! Here is the link: http://www.stevezigler.com/new-work.html. Enjoy!

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