Hope in the Land

It is difficult for me to verbalize, but there is something about the land that gives me hope. Maybe it is the enduring stability of a mountain. Maybe it is the resilience of a forest. Maybe it is the fact that the land has always been here and always will be. Or…maybe it is just the simple beauty of a pretty scene. Whatever the case, being outside in the land gives me hope. And being a typical human, I need hope, so I try to spend as much time as possible in the land. When that doesn’t happen for a long period of time, my hope tends to fade. Not good. And that has been the case for me lately. Consequently, I’m really looking forward to an upcoming trip to New Mexico and the southwest! The trip will include some time with my family and some long-awaited time with my camera in the land. I am sure to come back with a basket filled with hope!

I recently added 20 new images to my website. I created most of them over the last four or five months. A couple of the images are older ones that I finally found the time to process. I consider all of them landscapes, although some of them only in the figurative sense. You see–to me–even an alley filled with graffiti or a rusty old car are landscapes that provide hope. If I’m lucky, each image conveys a sense of the hope I felt when I created it. That is my goal! Click on the link below and take a look to see how I did!



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