4000 Miles. Really!

I just returned from a great trip to the southwest region of the US. I love action-packed adventures, but this one was exceptional. Over a 14-day period, I drove more than 4000 miles, logging at least 70 hours behind the wheel of my rental SUV. Good thing I had unlimited mileage! I traveled highways, dirt roads, and washed out rocky trails that made me squirm each time I heard the front bumper scrape the ground. I experienced altitudes over 13,000 feet above sea level and less than 100 feet below sea level. Temperatures ranged from the mid-40s to almost 110 degrees. In one day. Yes, one day I awoke in the mountains to 48 degrees and then later took a breath of air in Death Valley that was 109 degrees. I visited three national parks and numerous other landscape gems. I saw thousand-year-old trees and petrified sand dunes that are millions of years old.

In short, I had a blast! The southwest is such an amazing place. I spent most of my time on a workshop led by a photographer named Marc Adamus. If you aren’t familiar with his photography, you should be. He is without peer. Just google his name and you’ll see what I mean. Our trip was geared to capture dramatic skies. Hence, the great distances traveled to chase thunderstorms during the monsoon storm season in the southwest. I captured 100s, no 1000s of images during the trip, and I’m still sorting through them all. It will be a while before I can process them, but I wanted to share a shot from the bristlecone pine forest in the White Mountains of southern California. If you have followed my work, you know how much I love these trees, which can live to more than 5000 years! I even wrote a book about them called “Dark Forest.” Check it out at the link below. You can read it for free. 🙂

Have a great last week of August! Autumn is just around the corner!

Dark Forest


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