Nature Photographers: It is our turn to give back to the Smokies!

Working together with a couple of my photographer friends, Bill Lea and Dan Thompson, we have created a way for nature photographers to support the recovery efforts in the Smokies and the surrounding communities. Through the Great Smoky Mountains Association (GSMA), a fund has been established where nature photographers (and anyone interested in nature photography for that matter!) can donate money to support GSMA’s recovery efforts. This is very exciting!
Perhaps more than anyone, nature photographers understand the extraordinary gift Great Smoky Mountains National Park represents. Whether it’s a beautiful Cades Cove scene, a light drizzle on Roaring Fork, or a sunset at Clingman’s Dome, we know how special this place is!
This is a chance to show our support for the Smokies and the surrounding communities during the long rebuilding process ahead. All of the funds donated through this effort will be used by GSMA to support these rebuilding efforts.
Even if you are not a nature photographer, I hope you can support our cause. Please share this link with as many of your friends and members of the nature photography community as possible. Only through widespread distribution of this message can we raise the funds needed for the wildfire recovery efforts!
I really want to thank Bill and Dan for helping with this project. It has been a lot of fun working with them on this. They are great guys and fantastic photographers. Check out their websites ( and and you will agree!
Thanks for helping!

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