I Still Believe!

Just as I’ve done since I was old enough to remember, I secretly hope that tonight is the night I finally catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents. Yep, I still believe. But, I have to admit that my perspective on Santa has changed over the years. As a kid, he was just a guy who gave me stuff. Make no mistake, I’ll still take that 600 mm Nikon f/4 lens if he wants to leave it, but Santa is more than just a gift giver. Now, he represents peace, joy, and happiness to me.
So, wherever you live on this planet and whatever traditions work for you, my wish for you is peace, joy, and happiness!
And wish me luck with that lens!


  1. The juxtaposition of Saint Nick, no relation to that other Nick we both know and love, to His Majesty is interesting. Just think, Saint Nicholas has evolved into the Clement Moore/Coca Cola fellow in a very short time compared to the consistent form of the bristlecone pines. Lets hope that their relatively recent discovery by us humans doesn’t do the same job on them. (Though, a talking pine tree as the new pitch man for Milky Way would be kind of cool. I always liked them better than Snickers).


    1. That’s a much deeper association than I had considered, but one that does not surprise me coming from you! I’ve always been a Snickers guy myself, but I have to admit that anything named after our galactic namesake really gets my attention! Thanks for checking in and Happy New Year!


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