New Year…New Images

With the start of 2017, I have updated my main website with some new images. A total of 27 to be exact. I know! I know! My friends tell me that it’s about time! But let me tell you, updating a website is no trivial matter, not the least of which is managing new versions, managing old versions, writing descriptions for new images, and crossing your fingers that you don’t have some computer or network or software issue while you’re in the middle of all that. So I expect that I made some mistakes and typos. Please let me know if you see any!

The last time I updated my website was August, and most of the 27 images were created since then. Certainly all of them were processed in the timeframe since then. Ansel Adams once said that 10 new images a year is a good year. It might have been 12, I can’t remember, but you get the point. Of course, Ansel is my hero and I would never compare myself or my work to him, but at least I like to gauge myself by the standards of this iconic photographer. I always come up short, but I’m really happy with this new collection. I hope you enjoy them too! Check them out here!



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