Thank you Camera Club of Oak Ridge!

What a great turn out I had last night for my Ansel Adams talk at the Camera Club of Oak Ridge! At least 40 people braved late season snow flurries to join me in a wonderful venue at the Roane State Community College campus in Oak Ridge. The title of my talk was “Lessons from Ansel Adams for the Digital Age.” We talked about Ansel and the type of photographer he might be in today’s world of digital imaging. Such speculation is not as crazy as it sounds since Ansel was aware of digital technology near the end of his life in 1984. In fact, it is not a stretch to believe that he anticipated what we now know today as the digital photography revolution. Based on all the questions and discussion, I think the attendees had as much fun as I did!

Here is a well-known quote from Ansel that I used during the talk. It is one of my favorites because it applies equally well to all photography regardless of whether the technology is film or digital.

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

– Ansel Adams

Here is a link to the CCOR website. Check them out sometime!

Now, enjoy this shot of Manly Beacon that I created from my recent trip to Death Valley!


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