Happy Spring!

If you live in the northern hemisphere, spring began for you early today. Awesome! The end of the long, cold winter. A new beginning! Spring for me began with a trip home after attending a seminar this weekend put on by my good friend, Marc Adamus. I’ve been all over the world with Marc and you’ve heard me mention his photography several times in the in the past. In case you forgot, google his name to check out his work. I think Marc is one of the most adventurous and creative landscape photographers out there. He is also a great friend and I always enjoy catching up with him, his latest work, and his latest happenings. I also got together with some other close friends and I even made some new ones. I am truly fortunate to be able to do something I love on so many levels with so many amazing people. What started for me as a hobby to take pretty pictures has blossomed into a world of adventure, exploration, self-reflection, and personal growth. I could not have ever predicted that!

And the evolution of the life I have in photography continues. Later this week, I’m heading down to Charleston (one of my favorite places!) to assist John Barclay with a photography workshop in the low country area of South Carolina. John is a very talented photographer with a personality as big as his talent and his heart as well. I first met John serendipitously several years ago while I was shooting in the Smokies. We immediately hit it off. Incredibly, I accidentally ran into John a year later while I was in Washington state, followed by several more chance meetings in the Smokies throughout the years. It seems that we were destined to work together. This will be the first time I have helped John and I’m really looking forward to what I believe will be a new chapter in this photography life of mine. You can check out John’s photography here: http://johnbarclayphotography.com

The image that I’m sharing today is one that I created in Charleston on my last visit there. The azaleas are amazing there when they bloom. I hope I see them during their prime in the next couple of weeks.

Wish me luck!


_DSC6964 Panorama-FB

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