Crazy April!

April is a crazy month for me. I’ve already been on both coasts with trips to Charleston, SC, and Portland, OR. Next up, Patagonia! That’s right, I’m off to see the amazing mountains of Argentina and Chile! The mountains in this region of South America are some of the most amazing on the planet. I’m very excited! This is my second trip to Patagonia. During my first trip in 2015, the weather was uncooperative with several days where the mountains were obscured by clouds. I committed then to return someday. That someday begins now. I’m headed there with Marc Adamus. I know from experience that Marc will get us to some amazing locations. Fingers crossed for the weather. We us luck!

When I return from Patagonia, I’m home for one night before I head to the Spring workshop at the Tremont Institute the Smokies. I’ll be a volunteer instructor for this workshop, which is led by Bill Lea. Bill is a great guy and a great photographer. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been attending and teaching at the Tremont workshops for several years not, so it is a great chance to catch with friends, meet new ones, and spend time completely immersed in photography and the Smokies. Can’t wait!

Here is one of my favorite shots from my trip to Charleston. This is the Old Sheldon church near Beaufort, SC. Regardless of how much I love the mountains of Patagonia or the Smokies, the Old Sheldon church is one of my favorite locations. Ever. Anywhere.


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