One minute you’re going to Argentina and the next minute you’re not

Really. I’m serious. One minute I was sitting in my front room taking care of some mindless tasks to pass the time before leaving for the airport. My plan was to fly to Buenos Aires, spend a day, then fly to the southern Patagonian town of El Calafate. One minute I was admiring how well-organized and planned I was for this trip (all in less than a day for the most part!). One minute I was thinking that, after going half-way around the world to Siberia (in January for heaven’s sake!), that a trip to the southern reaches of South America should be a trip to the Knoxville zoo.

Then it happened. I checked my Delta app on my phone to remind myself of the boarding time. My trip wasn’t there. It had disappeared. Mind you, I had checked this trip on my app dozens and dozens of times going back to when I first booked the tickets. How could a trip disappear? That’s never happened before. Whatever, I didn’t give it a second thought. Big mistake. I eventually got a call that my departure from Knoxville was late. I would miss my flight to Buenos Aires. I’ll save you the details, but in my gut I instinctively knew that my entire trip was in jeopardy. Slowly over the next 6 hours that intuitive feeling was confirmed. It took that long to explore alternatives, including an attempt to drive to the Atlanta airport only to be thwarted by numerous traffic jams due to accidents on rain-slicked roads! And I don’t know what is going on in southern Patagonia, but good luck flying there from Knoxville in the next week. There were literally no tickets available. I tried again this morning and the earliest I can get to southern Patagonia is Thursday. Almost a week late!

So, I’m not going to Patagonia this year. It turns out that the airline thread connecting Knoxville, TN, to southern Patagonia is a tenuous one indeed. The travel gods finally caught up with me. Fortunately, I bought travel insurance this year, so we’ll see how it goes as I navigate those turbulent waters. It is sure to be a ride. Wish me luck on that journey!

Now, I just need to figure out what to do with myself for the next two weeks. As for Patagonia, hmmm, there is always 2018! 😉

The attached image is from my first trip to Patagonia. It is an example of the kind of light that is possible there. Amazing! Now you see why I wanted to go back! My favorite part of the image is the reflection. The winds are legendary in Patagonia, so it was nice to have a moment of calm. I shared this spot with Arwinder and I think it was a very special moment for both of us!

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