Happy Easter!

Spring is springing all over the place here in East Tennessee and I hope it is where you are, too!
I love this time of year when the trees are in the early stages of developing a new canopy. The colors of the leaves are unreal. Hues of yellow, green, and even red create a canopy that surprisingly resembles autumn colors. In fact, I often find myself more drawn to spring colors than to the more popular autumn version. Part of this is due to the fact that the spring canopy is not fully developed, so light can pierce through to brighten trees more evenly.
Now that you have read this far, I have a favor to ask of you. Wherever you live, I’d like you to pay special attention to the leaves this spring. Take a minute from your busy daily routine to stop and really look at the different hues of green and yellow. If you’re lucky and you try hard, you’ll find some reds. Try to find a time when the leaves are lit by the sun either from the side or the back. They will glow with an intense fluorescent radiance if the angle of the sun is just right and the canopy is not too dense. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll love it when you see it! If you live in southern latitudes, it might be a little late since spring is getting pretty advanced in states like South Carolina, Georgia, and even Tennessee. But check it out anyway and you might find isolated areas where the canopy is not fully developed. Higher altitude will help your chances. If you live in more northern latitudes, you’ll probably have ample time to see what I mean since you’re probably still waiting for the leaves to appear.
Either way wherever you are, I hope you have a great spring and a Happy Easter. Enjoy the trees!
This is an older image of a tree in a cemetery in the Bearden area of Knoxville. I’ve shared this image before. As I have watched and photographed this tree through many seasons, I’ve seen it undergo many changes, including a time when it lost most of its right side in a storm. The tree was pruned and it has recovered, but now I photograph it differently than I did in the past. It’s still beautiful. I have a mind to go check it out this morning!
_DSC8082 Panorama-FB

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