It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Just got home from the Smokies, where I helped out with the Spring Tremont Photography Workshop. I was yet again reminded of why I love photography. It is not so much about photography, but about the people I meet through photography. The group of participants was awesome. This workshop just keeps getting better and better! If you made it this spring, thanks for creating a fantastic environment where creativity and images flowed like the water in the Middle Prong of the Little River.
Speaking of water…that was the big story this year as it rained from about 6:00 pm on Saturday until about the same time on Sunday. Wow. That’s 24 hours of solid rain! For the first time in all the years that I’ve been participating in this workshop as an instructor and attendee, we didn’t shoot a single image on Sunday due to the rain! Fortunately, we were able to rearrange the schedule to maximize our time in the field according to the weather, so we all created some nice images. That was clear from the image critique on the last day when all the participants shared three of their images. What a great collection of images! The critique is my favorite part of the workshop since I can go out later and copy all the great photos I see from the participants. 😉
The attached image is one I created yesterday. It shows the water at one of my favorite locations along Tremont road. If you’re familiar with this spot (I like to call it “the spot”), then you know that this water is massive! The conditions were perfect for photography: big water, no wind, perfect leaves, and uniform lighting. A photographers dream. Hope you enjoy it!
Now get out there and enjoy spring!
 _DSC7558 FB

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