Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to moms everywhere! I don’t know where I would be without my mom, that’s for sure! Have a great day, mom, and all you moms out there in Blogland.
It has been a couple of weeks since I’ve shared anything here. I thought April was crazy busy. Ha! May has been even more crazy. I’m getting ready for so many things that I can’t keep them all straight. Here is a sample: I’m giving a talk a USP meeting in Rockville tomorrow, at the end of May, I’ll be in the Palouse area for 10 days helping John Barclay with a photography workshop, in June, I’ve organized several sessions and I’m giving several talks at the annual SNMMI meeting in Denver, I am working on a half-day workshop at UT at the end of July for the August solar eclipse, I’ll be in Alaska for three weeks at the end of July and into the first part of August, and finally I’ll be photographing the eclipse on August 21. There are additional projects that I can’t think of at the moment, but you get my point. Wish me luck! So, if you hear less from me in the near future, you know why. I promise to keep you posted on the exciting stuff. And I should have some great stories and images to share as well!
Mother’s Day always makes me think of spring. Spring in turn always makes we think of the Smokies. So in honor of this day, here is an image I created this spring in the Smokies. If you follow my work, you’ll immediately see that this is a little different from most of the images I show. And, if you’re familiar with the Smokies, you know there is an area on the road to Cades Cove with blankets of gorgeous purple flowers. I stopped to see if I could find something interesting here during one of my many trips to the Cove this spring. I initially thought these flowers were purple phacelia, but no…this is phlox. At least that is what the internet told me. I love that name…phlox.
This scene really attracted my eye, especially from the bird’s eye view from directly above. The new ferns create a verdant blanket and I like the way the yellow trillium complements the purple phlox. If you look closely, you’ll probably also see some poison ivy in there, too.
I hope you enjoy it. Have a great day! Now go out there and find your own blanket of ferns on Mother’s Day!

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