I’m Still Alive

Yes, I’m still here! I’m still alive. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve had a dozen ideas recently that I’d like to write about. And of course I have scores of images that I’d like to share. Unfortunately, each time I sit down to write, the creative drive evaporates before I can get the thoughts down on paper. As soon as I start writing, my thoughts turn to all the other things I have going on and–poof!–my creative drive is diluted with distractions. I think of it as a transient attention deficit problem. At least I hope it’s transient!
One of the projects that has been distracting me lately is that I have agreed to lead a workshop for the UT adult non-credit program. The workshop is entitled, “The Great American Eclipse of 2017: a Photography Workshop.” The workshop will take place on July 22 at the UT Conference Center in Knoxville. I’m really excited about doing this one! If there was ever a topic that might be perfect for me to cover in a workshop setting, this might be it. Hmmm…photography, eclipses, telescopes…where do I sign up for that one? So when the opportunity to do this came up, I had no choice but to jump on it. (Thanks to my buddy, Dan, for hooking me up!) Of course, 4+ hour programs about solar eclipses and photography don’t grow on trees, so I have been working like crazy to bring this to life. I can already tell that it is going to be awesome. 😉 Couple that with the fact that I’m giving six (yes, six) presentations at the upcoming annual meeting of the SNMMI in Denver (Google it) and you are now starting to understand the reasons behind my absence here!
Not that I’m complaining. This is the life I have signed up for, and I’m a lucky boy! During my absence here, I’ve learned that I really enjoy sharing my words and pictures with the world. And I miss it when I don’t do it! The simple act of sharing my creative efforts on the stage of social media brings a level of legitimacy that I did not understand nor appreciate before getting involved in this stuff. Even if my offerings go unread, I still find the act of sharing to be rewarding, almost cathartic. And when I realize that my offerings occasionally make a difference with someone, well that I call the icing on the cake! So, thanks for letting me share my creative efforts here, and I hope to be back in the swing of regular postings soon!
In the meantime, check out the listing for my workshop at UT here and also on the UT Photography Certificate Facebook page here.
Speaking of the eclipses, please enjoy this image I created of an annular eclipse while I was on the coast of northern California back in 2012. Hmmm, what’s an annular eclipse? Check out the links above and start making your plans for August 21!
 _Dsc1827-34 FB


    1. Thanks, Ann, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who experiences “mojo slippage” when it comes to photography! Thanks for following along with my adventures!


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