I hit the ground running coming back from the Palouse and had to take a time out from photography to take care of a work-related meeting. My outgoing business flight left less than 24 hours after I arrived from Washington on a red-eye. That’s dedication, baby! The business meeting was good, but my return home didn’t go as planned, so I ended up spending an unexpected night away from home in a hotel near National Airport in DC. Get this, at one point I had two, yes TWO, tickets for flights to Knoxville. One flight was delayed and the other cancelled and neither could get home without an unexpected night in DC. That is some bad luck!
So now I need to get ready for my next meeting, in this case the annual meeting of the SNMMI, which starts at the end of this week (Google it).
But before I completely left photography for the next 10 days, I needed to look at some of my images from the Palouse. Wow, I’m glad I decided to do that!
It may seem strange, but I really don’t know how good the images are from a trip until I get home and have a chance to see them on a big display or even make a print. Until then, I try to keep my expectations low in case I messed something up. Trust me, it has happened! On looking at my images from the Palouse, I quickly found several that I really liked! They screamed, “Process me!” So I did, and I soon found that I had a nice collection of images. What a beautiful place the Palouse is! To prove my point, I’ve attached a montage of this first set of images that I processed. I need to get these on my website. Soon!
OK, I’ll be absent for a week or so. Until then, enjoy this montage of images!

Montage FB-small


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