The Karma Kontinues

I think everyone is familiar with karma, even if it is just a way to check your credit score on the internet. 😉 But, if you look up karma in the dictionary, you’ll find a variety of definitions ranging from Hindu and Buddhist theologies of reincarnation to western ideas associated with fate and destiny. Personally, I think of karma in terms described by a friend of mine long ago in graduate school: “what goes around comes around.” I’m sure that is a gross simplification to a Hindu theologian, but it makes sense me. Do good stuff and good things will happen to you. Do bad stuff and bad things will happen to you.

Whatever the definition, it is fair to say that, beginning just before my trip to the Palouse a couple of weeks ago, good stuff has been happening to me. Many great things happened in the Palouse. I won’t rehash them here, but refer you back a couple of posts in case you’re interested. Returning home from the Palouse, I almost immediately headed off to the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) in Denver. And the good karma followed me there, too!

I’ve been attending this meeting for many years going back to the mid-1990s. I don’t know how many, but let’s just say a lot!

For me personally, it was the best one I’ve ever attended. I won’t go into all the details here, because I’d rather show you some pretty pictures, but suffice it say that a lot of positive things are happening in my little part of the world of nuclear medicine!

There is nothing like being on a karmic high. You don’t know why it happens, you just have to be grateful when it does! Sure, I experience the low tides of karma as well. Let me remind you of an entire trip to Argentina that was cancelled recently because of massive scheduling problems at Delta airlines. But for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy high tide while it lasts!

I hope there is some good karma in your world now. If not, maybe these images from the Palouse will help jump start your karmic engine!

_DSC8974-Pano-1 FB


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