Happy Father’s Day!

When I became a dad I was a child myself. Frankly, I probably had no business being a dad at that age. I joke that it was a race to see you would grow up first, and my daughter won. But even though I started out as such a young, naïve dad, it worked out in the end and I know the world is a better place because of my daughter. I think we learn a lot more from our children than we realize. I know I have! I remember my daughter teaching me about color theory and color spaces when I was first getting in to photography again. It was on a napkin during lunch. She was in design school at the time and it was so rewarding to listen to this smart young adult who I had helped bring in to this world. It is moments like that when I realize that all the things we put into our kids ultimately pay off when they put themselves into something else. For me, that is one of many rewards of being a dad.

Enjoy another image from the Palouse. I promise to someday soon show images from other areas, but the Palouse magic is still strong with me, so you’ll have to suffer through a few more before I’m done.

Happy Father’s Day!

_DSC8564 FB

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