Swamp Life

I’ve been out of touch for too long. I was (am) in the middle of a big work-related project that has been eating up a lot of time. Then, five days ago, I disappeared into the swamps of east Texas and southern Louisiana, where I am at the moment. OK, before you ask, “Swamps? Cameras? Really?” Just take a look at the image included in this post.
This trip is a blast and the subject matter is amazing. I was in this area a couple of years ago for some scouting and, since then, it has been on my bucket list for some more intense shooting. I’m really glad to finally get the time to experience it. It really is amazing and we’ve had exceptional conditions. Calm waters. Fall colors. Some of the largest stands of bald cypress trees in the country. And moss…lots of Spanish moss!
You might be curious how to photograph subjects like this. Well, imagine paddling a kayak into the swamp with your camera gear (lenses, tripod, cameras, everything), and then navigating among some of the most spectacular trees you have ever seen. Trees that are really amazing with an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. They almost have their own personalities, like they might even start walking (yes, just like in the Lord of the Rings!). Now for the fun part…imagine getting into and out of the kayak. Yes, in the middle of the swamp and without tipping all your gear into the water. Of course, water proof bags come in handy, as do chest high waders. Balance helps too! Trust me…once you work out the technique, it is extremely rewarding!
I’m attending a workshop led by Marsel van Oosten, a world-class photographer from the Netherlands. You can check out his work here (it will be worth it).
I have another five days of swamp life, then back to reality. Until then, have a good week and I’ll be in touch after I get back to East Tennessee!
_DSC8346-Pano FB V3

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