My Favorite Five Images from 2017

By now, most photographers have combed through their images from 2017 and selected their favorite, most popular, and best images from the previous 12 months. It is an annual ritual that photographers like to perform as part of our quest for better and better images. It is just like year-end inventories and resolutions that many people perform to learn and grow.

I personally think it is a great idea, but of course as usual, I’m a little late publishing my images. It is actually a difficult process to narrow down a year’s worth of work to five images. For example, in 2017, I created 32,960 images that total just over 900 GB. Of course, many of those images are part of multi-image panoramas and other composites, so I really should say that I clicked the shutter on my camera 32,920 times. Regardless, you can see that I have a lot of data to sift through to get to my five favorites!

I also did a lot of traveling in 2017. My journeys stretched from the US Virgin Islands, to Siberia, to Death Valley, to Charleston, to Washington state, to Alaska, to Wyoming, to New Mexico, to Arizona, to Louisiana, to California. Whew! It was a big year for me. Without a doubt, my most extensive year of travel ever. And I even had to cancel a trip to South America due to travel screw-ups by the airlines! I created images that I love in each location, but I can’t include an image from each location in my collection of five.

Inevitably, the decision on what to include in my five favorites is based more on emotion than any type of technical merit. These are my favorite images based of how I felt when I created them and how I feel when I see them and the memories they inspire when I reminisce over them. In over words, my selection is highly personal. I could show you many other images and you won’t agree with my selection. But these are my five favorites.

Finally, my selection is highly subjective based on my mood at the time. I’ve already shared a slightly different set of five favorites with several friends. Each time, I change the mix a bit. I call it “artist’s privilege.”

So, please enjoy my five favorites. In case you want to see more of what I’ve done this year, check out my website where I’ve just updated it with about 40 new images. You can check it out here.

PS, if you see any typos or errors on my website, please let me know. Thanks in advance!!



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