Two Talks!

My Facebook page has been telling me that 714 people who follow my page have not heard from me in a while. Sorry about that, Facebook! It’s true of course. I’ve been absent. In my last post, I mentioned I was submerged with a non-photography project. I’m still submerged. The good news is that at least I feel like I’m treading water instead of drowning! 😉 Enough said about that for now.

But, I wanted to take a break and let you know that I am giving couple of talks here in East Tennessee in a couple of weeks (finally, back to something related to photography!). The title of each talk is, “Lessons from Ansel Adams in the Digital Age.” I’ve given this talk a couple of times in the past and I love it. For the upcoming editions, I’m updating it with some fresh images and I’m going to include more discussion about how I process images in black and white.

The first talk is at the Cookeville Camera Club on February 12 at 7:00 pm. The club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville. They warmly welcome visitors. I know because I visited them once for a photography talk and everyone was great. If you live in Knoxville and you are thinking about driving over, don’t forget that Cookeville is on central time. Here is a link to the club’s website where you will find a nice little blurb.

The second talk is at the Photographic Society of Chattanooga on February 15 at 7:00 pm at the St. John United Methodist Church in Chattanooga. They also warmly welcome visitors (I’ve been a visitor there, too!). Here is a link to their website. They will soon have some information on the website about my talk.

It’s pretty cool to be giving two photography talks in the same week. I love sharing my excitement for photography with others and the groups in Cookeville and Chattanooga are awesome. I’m really looking forward to both events. If you’re in the area, come out and join us!

And just to get me thinking in monochrome, I processed an image from Alaska in black and white. It was nice in color, but I like it much better in monochrome. I call this one “Infinity Range.” It is from a helicopter (what a great tripod!) and we were literally surrounded by mountains at times as far as the eye could see. Infinity range, for sure!



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