The End of Hibernation

The signs of spring are all around me now in Knoxville and, like a bear awaking from a long hibernation, it’s time for me to exit my den. But I must be careful, the sun is very bright, and it hurts my eyes! Actually, it really is bright…I’m on a flight right now to Detroit and the early morning sun is pouring in to the window to my right. We’ll be landing soon. After a couple of hours in Detroit, I’ll board a plane for Beijing, China. During my journey, the sun will set and then rise and set again before I reach my final destination in Hangzhou, which will be my base for a couple of days before heading to the Yellow Mountains. These mountains are legendary in China as the land of the dragons (I think I have that correct). Anyway, it’s pretty cool and it will be magical! I will be attending a photography workshop led by Marsel van Oosten, one of the premiere photographers in the world (Google him). The trip promises to be a legendary photography adventure! By the time I’m back in Knoxville in the first week in April, spring will have a full head of steam and I will be completely finished with my “hibernation 2018.”
In my last post – who knows how long ago that was – I mentioned a big project I was working on. Well, it turned out to be a much larger deal than I realized when it began back in October of 2017. Here are some details. The project was writing two chapters in a textbook about nuclear pharmacy. It wasn’t photography related at all. Instead, the chapters describe some very exciting areas in my professional life. I don’t talk much about my professional life here on this blog, but many of you probably know that by day I work in a field called positron emission tomography, or PET for short. PET is a medical diagnostic imaging technique that uses radioactive drugs to help doctors understand diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. I’m a chemist and I’ve worked with PET drugs for close to 30 years now. So, when the opportunity came my way to write two chapters in a luminary textbook, well…how could I resist? The only problem was how to fit it in to my 100-mph life. That was a challenge!
The good news is that I just finished the chapters yesterday. In the end, the writing consumed my life and hence the reason for my hibernation, which consumed much of October, November, and December, and all (I mean all) of January, February, and March. It was a much bigger task than I could have anticipated, but it was also very rewarding, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. I have fancied myself to be a writer over the last several years, but, trust me, writing as a job is a whole different ballgame than the way I write in my creative endeavors. What did I end up with? Well, together, both chapters are more than 40,000 words, 150 double-spaced pages, and 200 references. Yikes. Now you know why long time, no Steve!
I hope what I wrote (I should say we as I had a co-author) is a worthy contribution to our fast-paced world of PET drugs. When the textbook is in print, it will be available through Amazon I’m sure. I’ll post a link to it someday, so you can check it out! I’m really happy with our chapters and I hope others are too!
I don’t have any pictures to share about PET drugs, so I found an image celebrate the beginning of spring and the end of my hibernation. I created this image, which is entitled Spruce Flats Vernus, a couple of years ago. I may have even posted it previously. If so, please forgive the duplication, but a good image is always worth a second look! So, enjoy, and wish me luck in my the land of the dragons over the next two weeks. I’m looking forward to sharing some images from there when I get back. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to share some with you while I’m gone!
_DSC5747 iPad

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