So Many Images, So Little Time

I returned from China last week and I have been adjusting to “normal” life here in east Tennessee since then. I am so grateful for what I have here, and it is nice to be home, but I have to admit that I miss the thrill and the freedom of the adventure and the journey. It always takes me some time before I’m fully re-acclimated to “normal.” I’ve gone through this process many times, so it is quite familiar to me.

While I was in China, I flew through six (maybe seven) different airports, and stayed in at least as many different towns, villages, and cities. We also drove a lot between flights, but I don’t know how many miles we logged. The largest city I stayed in was Shanghai, but only one night near the airport at the very end of my trip. The smallest village I stayed in had only a handful of people and at least as many chickens. It was a great journey. I saw lots of mountains near Huangshan and Zhangjiajie. At Huangshan, we had cold, windy snow followed by bright sun and mist. At Zhangjiajie, we had sunny, cool, and hazy conditions. We also spent several humid, hazy days on the coast near the town of Xiapu. The attraction there was aquaculture and fishing. Xiapu was probably my favorite location, simply because the scenery was just so different from anything I had ever experienced.

Once I returned home, it took two days to transfer and organize my images, including the time to double check everything to make sure I didn’t omit any images. With my digital SLRs, I took about 5000 images, which comprised just over 200 GB of data. With my iPhone, I took about 1000 images/videos/time lapses that comprised more than 5 GB of data. All of which had to be transferred from memory cards to my storage array. And, of course, everything had to be backed up to two other locations for safe keeping. It takes a lot of time to move that much data, even with my fancy USB 3.0 connections and solid-state drives.

Now that everything is nicely organized and safe, the next task is processing the images. Here is the problem: I have so many images, I don’t know where to start. It’s a good problem to have. So many images, so little time! I’m really happy with the first crop I have processed. I saw so many things that I couldn’t even imagine, and fortunately the images reflect the experience. It’s always nice when that happens!

Here are some images from the Xiapu area. I hope you enjoy them. I think these (and others) will make a nice portfolio of images that I plan to entitle “Tended Waters.” Stay tuned for more!

_DSC0784 FB_DSC1134 FB

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