Creativity in Unexpected Places

For the last week, I’ve been at my mom’s helping her move and downsize. Her new house is very near her existing place, so on the one hand, it is a relatively simple move. However, there is also a remodel involved, so that adds a complicating factor. This situation would not normally engender thoughts of creativity, but as I noted in my last missive, I’ve been attempting to jumpstart my creative eye by forcing myself to take at least one creative picture each day. For me, helping anyone move/downsize is not a creative activity, so I felt this would be a particularly good challenge for me and my attempt to get things going on the creative front. Interestingly, over the course of several days, I created many images that I really like. The subjects varied greatly and included stains on a garage floor, graffiti near a coffee shop, ceiling lights, and some old creepy dismembered dolls. I’ve created a collage of images to show you what I did. Check out the included images. I hope you like them!

Looking at the images, I’m pleasantly surprised how much I like them. As you can see, I took some creative license with the doll head, both in the capture of the image as well as the processing of it. Definitely not your typical Steve picture. If you know me, you know I’d rather be outside photographing streams and trees than doll heads and stains on garage floors. Since I can’t spend all my time in the mountains, it is nice to find images in other places. Of course, images are all around us, but I am usually blasting through life too quickly to look for them.

It will be interesting to see if my exercises to find images on garage floors will improve my creative eye in the mountains and streams. Time will tell. And, as much as I’ve enjoyed photographing garage floors, I’m really looking forward to getting back to those mountains and streams. Enjoy!

Collage2 iPad

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