More Palouse!

Later this week, I leave for the wonderful Palouse area of Washington state. I wrote about the Palouse last year, but that was so 2017. It is time for more Palouse!

If you’re a photographer, you probably know about the Palouse and you’ve either been there or it’s on your bucket list of locations. If you’re not a photographer, you probably don’t know much about the Palouse, but chances are good that you’ve seen images from the area, which is defined by miles and miles of undulating hills that come to life in the light and shadow created in the golden hour of each sunrise and sunset. The scenery is especially magical when the wheat is young and green, and the canola is yellow and plentiful.

The Palouse is located in the southeastern corner of Washington near the border of Idaho. The area is an agricultural powerhouse. Chances are good that something in your pantry right now was produced from something grown in the Palouse. So, in addition to the scenery, another reason for my affection for this area is based on the agricultural roots of my adolescence in rural Central Illinois. That upbringing helps me look beyond the landscape to see the beauty that lies a layer below the surface in the people and the machines that drive the economy there. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever created an image worthy of this deeper view, but I’ll keep trying.

As I did during my trip to the Palouse last year, I’ll be helping John Barclay as he leads one of his photography workshops there. As you undoubtedly know if you’re a regular reader of my missives, I really enjoy teaching photography. Helping John with this workshop is a highlight for me. If you’re not familiar with John’s work, just Google his name and you’ll easily find his website. You will enjoy your visit to his website!

I don’t yet know the attendees on this workshop, but the group is always a highlight for me. They are talented photographers who enjoy travel, nature, and beauty. We get along very well! Each has their own perspective and eye. I easily learn as much from them as they learn from me. I fully expect to return a much better photographer! Last year, one of my buddies, Sue, attended the workshop. This year, I have two buddies joining the group, Jane and Lori. It is going to be a blast!

Here are some images from last year that I just processed for this post. Never before seen. Just for you. Enjoy!



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