It’s a Saturday morning. The sky is gray and the ground is wet here in East Tennessee. I’m content sitting here in my chair with a cappuccino, my journal, a pencil, and a recording of Yo-Yo Ma playing the Bach cello concertos. It has been a busy week. Even though I only work half-time, I seem to be involved in a lot of stuff. The latest has been a PowerPoint presentation I’m co-authoring for a meeting in November. I’m also getting ready for my first Photoshop class that I’m teaching in November, so it is kind of a double whammy with two big events in less than two weeks. Finally, I’m planning another kayaking trip to the swamps of Louisiana and Texas in November. Geesh! How does this happen?

But, before I get involved in any work this morning, I’m going to let Yo-Yo work his magic strings and soak in some caffeine. While I do that, please enjoy this image from my trip to the swamps last year. I didn’t see a lick of fog or mist in a week of time there. This year will be different!!

_DSC8301 FB


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