Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!

It finally happened! It doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t look like it, but Autumn finally began today. The autumnal equinox in technical parlance. My favorite season in Steve parlance. And just this week, the first traces of autumn began to appear in my back yard. Not much yet really, but a few leaves bear the signs of seasonal change.

Not finding much Autumn in my back yard, I went looking for signs of my favorite season with my buddies Richard and Brian at the Foothills Parkway this morning. We didn’t find it there either. It was warm, downright balmy even. No Autumn at Foothills. Rats! However, on a more positive note, we found a nice layer of fog blanketing the valley. It was like Summer had pulled the covers up to its neck in an effort to keep out the change of season. Nice try, Summer!

It was a beautiful morning. The fog pranced through the valley like a ballerina. A woodpecker chipped away in the distance. A crazy-sounding bird screeched nearby. It wasn’t a whippoorwill. It wasn’t a crow. I don’t know what it was, but it sounded really crazy. As usual at Foothills, the cows mooed and the dogs bayed in the distance. All a sonic accompaniment for the star of the show this morning: the dancing fog. I swear, at the Foothills Parkway, fog is a living, breathing organism. Constantly moving, ever shifting, the scene can change completely in mere seconds as the fog frolicks through the valley.

So, I tried something different today. Instead of just capturing still images, I also captured some time lapse footage. For sure, still images are wonderful, but a single image doesn’t convey the sense of movement. I look at it this way…a still image is a great way to portray the graceful ballerina in the middle of a pirouette, but if want to see her in motion, you need video. This morning, I wanted to see the ballerina in motion. I wanted video. I set up one of my cameras to record thirty minutes of time lapse. Here it is as my way of saying happy autumnal equinox!



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