I miss you too, Facebook!

It seems that Facebook has been missing me lately. Or Instagram, or my blog, or whoever you are. First off, isn’t it funny and perhaps a bit sad that we talk about social media as if it were its own entity? That is way beside the point of this missive, so I need to quickly move on from that comment.

I’ve had some really cool stuff going on and I just haven’t had time to put pen to paper, or font to display as the case may be. Almost two weeks ago, I helped teach the Tremont Autumn Photography Workshop. The “fall classic” you might say. It was a blast as usual. The group was awesome as usual. The fall colors…um, well they weren’t quite up to their usual brilliance. However, we didn’t let that stop us. No, we brought our good time with us as my friend John Barclay likes to say. Now, the fall colors seem to be in full swing, at least based on the limited number of images from my friends that I’ve allowed myself to view. I say that because I have not been behind a camera to see the autumn brilliance with my own pixels. No Facebook, no fall colors in the Smokies. You might detect a pattern here. Yes, I’ve been a recluse lately. But it has been for a very good reason. You see, this coming Saturday, November 3, I’ll be teaching my very first Photoshop class. I’m very excited and nervous about it at the same time. Mostly I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been going through a similar exercise as the one I did for the eclipse class I taught in the summer of 2017. I hope this one on Saturday goes as well. Wish me luck! If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to attend, send me a message for more info…would love to have you join!!

And one last cool thing before I close. If you travel through the Knoxville airport in the next six months, make sure to take a minute to view the art exhibit near the Starbucks. Grab a quick cup and stroll through the exhibit. Keep your eyes peeled for my image entitled “Precious Totality.” It is a large print of the solar corona that I created during last year’s solar eclipse. It is wonderful, if I must say so myself. Seriously, I’m so happy with the print I can’t believe it. It might be your only chance to see a nice high-resolution version of the solar corona, so don’t miss it!

For now, enjoy my only image of a stream in the Smokies from this fall season. I plan a day or two there next week before I run off to my next adventure. Stay tuned for more info on that one! For this image, I intentionally processed it in a dark format. I was in a brooding mood when I captured this image, so I wanted the end result to reflect that. Let me know what you think. I call it one “Tremont Brooding.” 😉



  1. Steve: I love the “dark” image of the creek. I was in the class and I felt all dark-moody my own self. Maybe it was the Deluge on Saturday? Or Darth Vadnais? Good luck in Ohio this weekend. Tom Powell

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