Thank you, Cincinnati Nature Center!

Last week, I mentioned that I was about to teach my first image processing class. Well, I finished it on Saturday! A total of 32 attendees joined me at the Cincinnati Nature Center for more than four hours of discussions on topics ranging from vision to aesthetics to Photoshop and Lightroom. Wow! That’s a wide range of topics! In retrospect, that was quite ambitious, but I think it worked out. The attendees had a wide range of experiences, which led to many great questions and discussions. I had a wonderful time! I hope the attendees did, too. Most importantly, I hope everyone learned some things that will help them improve their images. I got some helpful feedback, so I’m already looking forward to incorporating it into the next processing class that I tackle. Thank you, Cincinnati Nature Center!

While I was getting ready to teach my class, the fall color season hit its peak in Smokies. All my photography buddies scampered about the park capturing the beauty at every turn. Probably the biggest lesson I learned teaching this class: in the future, don’t schedule classes during the peak fall color season in the Smokies. Very important!

So, today was my first chance in a couple of weeks to get over to the Smokies to see the fall colors with my own eyes. And, quite frankly, I just needed to spend some time on my own even if it was a quick half a day trip an hour from home. I checked out the weather last night and the prediction was for partly cloudy skies. But the weather didn’t matter; I was going to Foothills Parkway no matter what. If that didn’t work out, I’d go to Tremont. If that didn’t work out, well, I’d think of something else.

I arrived at Foothills right about the time of sunrise, which is later than I like to get there. I blame that on the time change. As it turned out, the conditions at Foothills surprised me. There was a thick and active blanket of fog in the valley and dense, low-lying clouds over the mountains. I don’t see the combination of those conditions too often. Generally, it is either fog or clouds, but not too often both. The unique conditions encouraged me to do something that I never do at Foothills: look the other direction toward the town of Maryville. I’m glad I did! The fog covered the valley with a dense layer that appeared to be clouds. Clouds above, clouds below, and just a hint of warm sunlight bleeding across the middle. Here’s to looking the other direction! The result is included here. Enjoy!


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