Cypress Tapestry

It’s time I got back to the swamps. Which means that it’s time to share another image from there. This time, I wanted to share something a little different from my previous images. Here you go. 

Oftentimes while drifting about in the swamp in my kayak, a distant view of some Spanish moss and a splattering of colors attracts my eye. The view is typically quite transient and before I know if there is really an image, I have to stop and paddle backwards to study the potential composition. Most times the view doesn’t pan out, but occasionally I find an abstract scene that reminds me of a Claude Monet painting and really turns me on. This image is one of those scenes. 

When I saw the image on the camera’s LCD, I could see that many of the branches were out of focus due the shallow depth of field. Normally, that is a problem for my perfectionist self, but in this case, I quite like the softness in some areas. I think it adds to the Monet qualities of the image. 

In case you’re interested, the technical specs on this handheld image are: f/5.6, ISO 2500, 1/200 second, focal length 155 mm. I hope you like it!!



  1. I’m researching cypress tree – swamp images for an upcoming trip to E TX and LA and of course came across your Blog. Lucky me. Beautiful image, Steve. Thank you for sharing

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