Escape to the Desert

Winter finally has a firm grip on East Tennessee. The trees in my backyard are barren and the nights grow ever longer. We even had our first snow accumulation of the season. Almost everyone is planning, cooking, gifting, and decorating their way into the spirit of the season. Yes, 2018 hangs by a thread. People are beginning to reflect on the year that was. Pundits are warming up to tell us about the best and worst things, what has been, and what is to come.
It all seems like noise to me. To be sure, I’ve been going like crazy myself, but in a different direction. Not a bad direction, not a good direction – just a different direction. I’ve recently completed some demanding projects that began back to the summertime. Some were professional, some were personal, but all of them were demanding. I need a break. I need to get away. I need to escape to the desert. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to Death Valley.
Fortunately, several weeks ago I set aside some time on my calendar for a potential visit to Death Valley just before Christmas. I’ll be there on Monday.
I’ve been to Death Valley more times than I can count. People often ask me, “Why do you keep going to the same place?” “Why not someplace new?” I ask myself the very same questions.
Death Valley fits me like a glove. I’m so familiar with it. When I need to get away, Death Valley is perfect because I can wing it. Just a flight to Vegas and a rental SUV is all I need to plan. The rest is off script. I can wake up at home and just make it to Badwater Basin in time for sunset. Pretty cool.
So, look for me at Badwater near 280 feet below sea level on Monday as the sun slips behind the Panamint Mountains. And while I’m gone, I hope you have a good time getting into the holiday spirit. I know I will!
As you can tell, the image I’m sharing today is far from the desert. It is the swamp in fact, probably one of the last images from the swamp that I’ll post for a while since I’m moving on to sandier times. Enjoy!


  1. World War II bombardiers. Roadrunners. Mountains and valleys. Sand dunes and constellations. Death Valley vistas, with a good friend, are some of my fondest memories. Beautiful!
    But the swamps and the cypress trees are artful, mysterious and intriguing. More reflective of my life these days. Also beautiful.
    All my beauties are small and stand alone, yet full.
    Thanks for this website. It was a good idea Steve.

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