A Long Winter’s Night – and a Gift for You!

Today marks the 2018 winter solstice! For those of us in the northern hemisphere, that means it is the longest night of the year. The farther north you are, the more the night fills your day. Of course, the opposite applies if you live in the southern hemisphere. Here in east Tennessee, we have it pretty easy with only about fourteen and a half hours of night on the solstice. Regardless of your location, December 21 marks a seasonal transition. Northern days will become longer over the next six months as we head for the next solstice in June. Don’t worry if you forget, I’ll be here to remind you when that occurs.

This year, the solstice occurs very near the full moon, which means the moon will be very high and bright in the night sky. In east Tennessee, it will be too cloudy to see the moon tonight, but we should get a great show tomorrow night. Get out your moonglasses and liberally apply moonscreen to exposed skin: the moon will be very high and bright!

Last year, I celebrated the December solstice with a free, high-resolution image that I offered to my readers. I’ve decided to do the same thing this year, but instead I’ve upped the ante and I’m giving away three images, no strings attached. I thought three images would allow some variety in personal tastes. All three images are from 2018 and I’ve included small versions of them here in this post. I hope you like them. You can download one or all of the high-resolution versions from the link to the Dropbox folder here. The files are large enough to make a print that is 11” x 17” or to use as a desktop image on your fancy 4K LCD monitor. My only condition is that you don’t sell them or make money on the images (if you have some ideas, let me know and we’ll work out a commission deal!). Let me know if you have any questions about the link.

Thanks for your continuing interest in my photography and have a great December solstice!


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