Happy New Year!

By now, you’ve probably read more end-of-year missives than you can count. You’ve learned about the best and the worst of the last twelve months, how you should feel about it, and what to expect in 2019. I have nothing to add to what you’ve already read.
Although our calendars have a discrete beginning and end, the path of our planet around the Sun is continuous. There is no “new year” for the Earth. Nope. Our planet simply maintains the curved path around the Sun described in the equations of general relativity. The Earth has done this for billions of years, long before the existence of humans, and it will continue do so for billions of years to come. The challenge for us is to make the most of our fleeting time on our planet as individuals and as a species.
So, as we pause to reflect on our well-being after another orbit around the Sun, my hope is that you have continued to grow and evolve as a human. Regardless of the challenges thrown at you, I hope you’re better off now than you were at the beginning of this orbit. Most importantly, I hope you, and our species in general, will continue to grow and evolve during our next orbit!
Have a great 2019!

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