Greetings from East Tennessee Lake!

It’s official! My backyard is a lake! After days and days of rain that seem to go back to last November, I now have at least four different streams streaming around my normally dry yard. The sound of rainfall outside has become routine. This week has been especially drenching as wave after wave to showers has transformed my yard into a veritable swamp. I normally reject the hyperbole bantered about on social media and the other outlets like the weather channel, but I must admit that the continual dark gray monochromatic atmosphere is starting to become a psychological challenge if nothing else. Some color in the skies would be nice!

Being a photographer comes in handy in situations like this: if the weather is a challenge, you just dive into your collection of images and find something to help you escape. In this case, I need some color to bring me out of my monochromatic mindset. So, here is an image from earlier this year, January 2 to be exact, at Foothills Parkway. It is nice to see some color. I hope it helps your monochromatic mindset as well


One comment

  1. I agree, however the little “Creek” below my house is a gorgeous babbling brook, that sounds just like the pigeon river is outside.


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