Patagonia or Bust

Exactly two years ago to the day, I was sitting in my front room just as I am right now at this very moment. Two years ago, I was passing time while I anxiously awaiting my departure to the airport where I would be off to Argentina and a photography adventure in southern Patagonia. Just like I am planning to do right now. Two years ago, my plan was to fly to Buenos Aires, connect there and then fly to the southern Patagonian town of El Calafate. Just like I am planning to do right now. Two years ago, I was admiring how well-organized I was for my trip. Just as I am today. Two years ago, about three hours before my departure time, all hell broke loose for Delta flyers across the eastern United States. A combination of weather and computer glitches forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights over a period of several days. It was quite a meltdown. I remember it as Deltapocalypse.  My flight from Knoxville was cancelled, which in turn meant that I missed my flight to Buenos Aires. Then I could not get a flight to El Calafate for four days due to heavy Easter holiday travel in South America. Two years ago, one minute I was going to Argentina and the next minute I wasn’t. That is not going to happen today. No, I will be well on my way to Argentina by this time tomorrow.

Two years ago, I learned that the airline thread connecting Knoxville, TN, to southern Patagonia is a tenuous one indeed. Life is filled with many tenuous threads. Two years ago, I was apprehensive about whether I was physically prepared for a trip with the demands and rigors of a trip to Patagonia. Today, I have to admit that I’m scared shitless. My fingers are crossed that my body will hold out for one more demanding expedition. While I test that theory, enjoy this image from my first trip to Patagonia in 2015. See you in three weeks. Wish me luck!


  1. Ha! You had trouble getting to Patagonia. I had trouble getting back! I joined three friends for a one week trout fishing trip to Chilean Patagonia in February 2010. I peeled off the last three days and just made pictures of that gorgeous place. In the early morning hours of the day we were to fly to Santiago and then to Atlanta, the earthquake wrecked the Santiago airport and we were stuck in the Deep South for an extra week, until s fishing guide drove us to the Argentinian coast and we flew to Buenos Aires and then to Atlanta. So lesson learned: watch out for the terramotos!

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