Your Lucky Day!

I have been trying for more than a week now to write a new blog post, but one thing after another keeps distracting me. Well, today is my lucky day. And yours too!
As usual for me, I’ve had a lot going on. Most of my time on the photography scene has been devoted to preparation for my upcoming workshop at the University of Tennessee. I mentioned this in my last post, but just in case you weren’t paying attention, I am hosting some lucky photographers on a journey of creative processing and personally expressive image making. The workshop consists of two 4-hour sessions on September 21 and 28 here in Knoxville and it is part of the highly regarded UT adult non-credit program. Google “UT non-credit program” and you can find descriptions and links to register. Or you can just message me or let me know in a comment if you want more information and I’ll get back with you.
I gave this workshop back in November of last year in Cincinnati and had a blast. I got some great feedback and I’ve made some improvements in the upcoming version for the UT workshop. One important addition is that I’ve included some new images from 2019. I’ve really had a great year so far! Think Smokies, Patagonia, Patagonian fjords, totality in northern Chile, Namibia, and lots of starry nights in the southern hemisphere. I need to get busy sharing some images that’s for sure. For now, here are some that I have recently added to my upcoming workshop. Two of these images are from Namibia, the other is from the Patagonian Fiords.

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