Blasphemy in the Swamp

If you’ve ever seen a bald cypress tree in full fall color regalia standing majestically in still misty water, you know that the rich red-brown hue is as eye-catching as any fall colors anywhere. You would also know that it is nearly impossible to recreate those colors in a photograph, at least for mere mortals such as myself. Indeed, coupled with the cool blues of the rising mist, the fall colors in the swamp create a mesmerizing visual palette. So it might seem blasphemous to consider removing the color and creating a monochrome image. And that would be a fair point. However, blasphemy to some is rejection of dogma to others, so monochrome is exactly what I did with the image I’m sharing here. This image is Exhibit A in my case for monochrome in the swamps. The high key and low contrast really appeal to me. I hope so for you as well!

This image is from my last morning here in the swamps. I’m leaving on a high note. The conditions were near perfect. I explored numerous compositions that I know I’ll enjoy. I even met some new friends on the process.

In the grand scheme of photography locations, I had planned in the back of my mind that this would be my last time here. I figured it is time to move on; time to explore new subjects to occupy my pixels. I’m sad to leave. I love this magic combination of swamp, bald cypress, and Spanish moss, and colors. Hmmm, I might have to come back after all!

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