Leaves of absence

Every year at this time, I seek the magic combination of fallen leaves that says to me, “I am autumn, you must photograph me.” So far, in all the years I’ve toiled behind a lens, those words have fallen on deaf ears. I’ve tried and tried to no avail. To be clear, the type of image I’m talking about here has fallen leaves collected on the ground or something similar. For me, such an image is a basic requirement for anyone who calls themselves a nature photographer. I think you’ll agree. But if you’re familiar with my work, you have noticed the conspicuous absence of just such an image. Kind of embarrassing.

This year, to cure this deficiency, I made a conscious decision to get that image. I sought it in the forests of the Smokies and swamps of east Texas. My failures persist.

But I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t at least have a hint of an image that works for me. You can imagine my surprise today to find some awesome leaves in my mom’s backyard on the first day of my visit with her.

To be clear, this is still not at the level I’m looking for. I’m not sure what is missing, but I have demanding standards and I have work ahead of me with this subject. First off, this image was captured and processed on my iPhone. Not that that is enough to marginalize it, but I shoot with a DSLR for a reason. Just saying. Second, the processing tools on my phone, while amazing, do not equal those on my computer. I process my images in Photoshop for a reason. Just saying.

Still, I love this image. I love the color palette and textures. I love that it is a reminder that images are all around us and the best camera is the one you have. All good stuff!

One comment

  1. Steve: You can edit your iPhone pictures with PhotoShop Express – it’s free and very wonderful! Try it out. Tom Powell

    Sent from Earth



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