A Super Sunday

For several weeks now, I’ve been working with a local doctor’s office to outfit their workspace with new photographs. The project consists of 11 different images for the patient waiting area and various rooms throughout the office. Each image is printed, signed, and face-mounted under acrylic. Most of the prints are 24” x 36” but the two biggest ones are panoramas measuring 28” x 60”. That adds up to quite a display of art! The staff at the office wanted to maintain a consistent theme throughout the project, so all of the prints are scenes from the Great Smoky Mountains NP. I personally love this idea because the Smokies are such a scenic gem to me.

So, yesterday while everyone was getting ready for the Super Bowl, I had the distinct privilege of installing the prints. It was a super Sunday of my very own! Without a doubt, this is the largest collection of my images ever placed in one location (including my house!). I have to admit that I was a bit nervous putting it all together. In fact, when I first considered the opportunity, I almost passed on it because I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. However, I persevered amid self-doubt, anxiety, and a mild case of OCD. I’m glad I did! As I removed the bubble wrap from each print and then peeled away the protective plastic film from the surface of the acrylic, it was all worth it. I felt like a kid in a candy store, only I had the pleasure of making the candy in this case! The prints were beautiful and I left with a feeling of immense joy. You can imagine that I’ve been to a lot of doctor’s offices lately. Trust me, I’ve endured a lot of mediocre photography in the process! So it is even more rewarding to know that, at least for one doctor’s office in Knoxville, a collection of high-quality photographs now set a tone for an entire practice!

I’ve included a small sample of images from the collection. I probably shared these sometime in the past on social media, but here they are again. I’m working with Dr. Reath and his wife Lisa and hopefully we will have a public open house sometime in the future to celebrate the project. Stay tuned! Dr. Reath is a well-known plastic surgeon here in Knoxville. Lisa was a joy to work with and a true partner in the project. Thanks to them both!




  1. In Rogersville there is a Local Artist Gallery which I just joined. Every month they have a drawing for their Artists of the month. Even thought I am very new, I was chosen as their Artist of the month. There are pictures from Europe, Asia, and both Eastern & Western USA.

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