Light in the Dark

The birds are chirping outside my window while the squirrels scurry about my yard. The occasional screech of a hawk adds to the symphony of sounds that grace my world when I take to time to pause and listen. The first signs of spring are apparent in the buds on the tree outside my open window. I even saw some deer and a coyote scamper through the woods behind my house earlier this week. The world seems so peaceful and filled with hope from this perspective.

Outside the bubble of my backyard, of course it’s a different story. Turmoil and uncertainty rule there. I take deep breaths and remind myself to stay calm. It isn’t easy to watch my 401(k) evaporate and to witness the empty shelves that just two days ago brimmed with thousands of rolls of toilet paper.

It would be easy to fall into darkness, but I’m not going to let that happen. So today I’m hoping to spread a little love and peace through photography. In preparation for a night photography class I’m teaching at UT at the end of April, I’ve been working on some nighttime images from my archives. Here they are for your viewing pleasure. Like so many things now, it’s not certain if that class will happen. Time will tell. But for now, these images remind me that there is always light in the darkness. It may not always be obvious, but it’s there. And if you can’t see it right now, be patient and it will return. I hope these images remind you of that. Enjoy!






  1. Sorry about your 401(k). But, hey: I had a stock breaker tell me back in 2008, “You didn’t really lose any money. You only lost value.” Go figure…
    I am a fellow sufferer with you in yet another respect. On the advice of healthcare professionals, I just canceled my attendance at a workshop next week on the Outer Banks, since my long-distance travels and stay would include two motels along the I-20 and I-95 corridors, not to mention several days lodging in OBX , and associated dining out experiences.
    Hope this gets resolved or at least properly assayed soon.
    Happy Trails,
    Tom Powell

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  2. Hi Tom! Always a pleasure to hear from you! We must have had the same stock broker in 2008. My online statements show dollars that were once there, but are now gone. It sure looks like money to me! 🙂

    Sorry you had to cancel your trip. It seems that all discretionary travel is being cancelled now. I think it makes sense based on some of the modeling projections I’ve seen. This too shall pass. I just hope that happens sooner than we think and much sooner than the worst case scenarios.

    Happy trails and stay healthy!


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