Another Equinox!

Happy equinox! The first equinox of 2020 occurs at 11:49 pm EDT on March 19. Whoa, wait a minute, you might say, the March equinox is supposed to be on March 20 or 21, right? Well, that’s typically the case, but this year it occurs earlier than usual. Since I’m in the northern hemisphere, that means Spring comes to me a little early. Yay! The period of daylight each day will continue to lengthen for me. The opposite holds for my friends in the southern hemisphere, where autumn and shorter periods of daylight are on the menu there.

I know, I know. Equinox, schmequinox. Such esoterica. I should be dealing with reality, right? I should be thinking about viruses and health and schools and jobs and stock markets and economies. Trust me, I’ve spent my share of time pondering this stuff and doing my part to help. Of course, I don’t want this filthy virus, but mostly I don’t want to be a vector for spreading it. I’m trying to be a part of the solution and staying in. I’ve also expended my share of emotional capital. It’s not easy for anyone and I’m no exception. I’ve lost my share of sleep and shed my tears.

But we all need distractions to fill our lives with hope and possibility beyond our next roll of toilet paper. Being the nerd I am, the cosmic dance of the Earth and Sun provides that for me. And the equinox is a great milestone in that dance. So I’m pausing today to reflect on this moment of balance between daylight and darkness. It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet today, you can also celebrate this balance. And I think we could all use a little balance right now.

Pretty pictures help too. Here are some images of spring I’ve collected over the years. These images are part of the collection I recently had the privilege of installing at Dr. Reath’s office in Knoxville. My best to them, as well as all healthcare providers and small business owners!


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