Creativity – we’re all in it together

No one lives in a vacuum. No one creates in a vacuum. When it comes to creativity, like it or not, recognize it or not, we are all in it together. The same applies to photography and the creative process in general. The act of creating art is a communal process.

The list of artists who inspire me fills volumes. Friends near and far. People of all races from all continents. People who don’t even realize they inspire me. Typically when I share an image, I like to pretend it is all me. It never is. Creativity is a group effort. Due to the necessity of space and time, I must limit the names, but I’ve recently gained creative inspiration from many, including Nick, Dan, Brian, Christian, Kevin, Brianne, Larry, Sapna, and Ashley. There is a little bit of all of them in this post. It would not have been possible without them. Yes, when it comes to creativity, we are truly all in it together.

There have been so many amazing images of Comet NEOWISE that I hesitate to add more to the mix. Deserts, lakes, mountains, streams, even the pyramids and Stonehenge! You pick a location and someone has created an amazing photograph that brings tears to my eyes. The challenge to create an original contribution is formidable. For this post, I opted to add another dimension to the story of NEOWISE. I wanted to add the dimension of time. Of course this enables motion, even the subtle motion of a comet as it effortlessly glides across the sky just before sunrise as it did several days ago. Getting the short film below required two long trips to the highest point in the Smokies at insufferable hours of the day. The good news is that I had the observation tower on Clingman’s Dome all to myself for two nights a row. And the weather cooperated on both nights. Great weather, no people, no viruses, and only the light of a quarter moon. It was just me and the elements and the comet. Let’s just call it magic. I like to say that the quest for a good image gets me up early sometimes, but the sheer joy of the experience makes it worth it regardless of whether I capture an image or not. This was definitely a great experience. Enjoy!


  1. Steve,
    while the process may have been communal, the pain and effort was by you, and sharing the result with all of us is great community service. Especially for me who has been at that location many times, but not during those times of day, or better, night.


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