Welcome to August!

I’m in the middle of a fascinating paradox. On the one hand, it seems like time stopped at the beginning of the pandemic. I look back on February and March as a reference point for when the world pivoted. Nothing seems to have happened since then. On the other hand, I can’t believe August begins tomorrow. 2020 has begun its descent into 2021. Tempus fugit!

Amid the dust of COVID-19, some pretty cool things have gone down. The comet was a nice distraction and the successful launch of the Mars rover yesterday are a couple of things that come to my mind. Of course, I lived in Steve’s bubble long before bubbles became fashionable, so you would expect a comet and a mission to Mars to grab my attention.

I’ve also been out shooting locally, socially distanced and wearing a mask when I can’t avoid close proximity to others which of course can happen in the Smokies this time of year. 🙂 The higher elevations are particularly appealing to me with the cooler temperatures and dynamic weather conditions. Today, I’m sharing some results from these recent escapades.

Making these images, I’m reminded of the power of creativity. It happens every time I make an image that I’m willing to share with someone else. Creating something that previously didn’t exist is a powerful antidote to the pallid psychology of the pandemic.

Speaking of creativity, I have some news to share. My next creative processing workshop at UT is coming up at the end of August! This is the same workshop I taught last fall. It’s entitled “Creative Processing and Personally Expressive Image Making.” As before, the workshop consists of two separate 4-hour sessions. Both classes are on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm EDT. The dates are August 22 and 29. I’m only offering the classes on-line due to the pandemic. The good news about an on-line only offering is we don’t have to worry what might happen between now and then. Plus, you can join in your pajamas with your own coffee from wherever you are!

I’ll share more details later. In the meantime, check out UT’s website for more information: http://noncredit.utk.edu

Enjoy the images, be #covidstrong, have a great weekend, and welcome to August 2020!


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