88, 87, 86…

As I write this missive, there are 88 days left in 2020. Many people are counting the days hoping for a swift end to possibly the most dramatic year of a generation. We remain in the grip of a global pandemic, people struggle between isolation, fear, loss, anger, unemployment, and not knowing who or what to believe. Wildfires and smoke have ravaged large portions of the western half of the US. We are living in some of the most derisive times in a century or more. Turn on the news and there is sure to be something new to add to the drama. With all that and more, it’s no wonder everyone is clamoring for a quick end to 2020!

85, 84, 83…

During my recent bubble trip out west, I was very fortunate to escape all that. The sun, the stars, and the desert reminded me that there is still beauty out there. There is still hope. Nature knows no derision or politics. That’s part of the beauty of nature. I realize most people aren’t as fortunate as me and I’m often told that others live vicariously through me. It’s a nice compliment, but vicarious living is marginalized living at best. I wish everyone could escape the way I do sometimes.

82, 81, 80…

The challenge for me now is maintaining that fresh spirit in the wake of my trip. Since my return, I’ve immersed myself in creative pursuits. It’s time now to focus on my job. I’ve spent some great time with family and friends in the best way I can. Finally, I’ve been working on my Zoom presentation for this upcoming Thursday. It isn’t always easy, but all these things help.

79, 78, 77…

In short, the best thing I can do is stay outside myself. It’s easy to close myself off from everything, especially since I’m a natural bubble-dweller anyway and this is only compounded by the enforced bubble of the pandemic. So, I’m going to maintain an existence outside myself as much as possible. I’m keeping my doors and windows open as much as I can. And when I can’t, I’ll keep counting.

76, 75, 74…

I hope you’re hanging in there as best you can too. Maybe these images and a short video I put together from my trip will help for just a minute. Enjoy!

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