Christmas in October

For many landscape photographers, the fall color season is one of the high-water marks of our annual calendar of photographic opportunities. I’m no different. For me, fall colors are sort of like Christmas morning for a kid. Before the night of a shoot, I prepare all my gear as if I’m wrapping presents. I carefully pack and place things so they are ready first thing in the morning. I finally get to bed l, usually much later than planned, then I can’t sleep due to the anticipation of the next morning and not wanting to miss a single second. I finally get some sleep, not enough, then jump out of bed excited to see my presents. OK, so maybe “jump out of bed” is an exaggeration but work with me on this. And I know all this seems silly for a boomer, but Christmastime is a pretty good metaphor for the fall color season to me. I suspect I’m not the only photographer who feels that way!

So far this year, I’ve found some nice presents under my Christmas tree of fall colors. One present had some nice streams filled with pristine flowing water. Nice. Another present had my favorite…fog with light beams. Such a treat! I’ve attached a few examples for your viewing pleasure.

The great thing is that fall colors in the Smokies are far from over and they keep getting better in some areas. To top things off, I’m teaching again at the Tremont photography workshop next week. A big hats off to all the staff at Tremont for organizing a safe environment for a small group of lucky photographers to take in the splendor of fall colors in the Smokies. Surely many presents await the participants in that workshop!

Wherever you are and whatever season you’re in now, I hope great presents await you too!

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