Citizenship 2020

We are all citizens something, be it a locality, a country, or a planet. Citizens of a democracy are particularly fortunate because they get to elect governing representatives. Of course, that privilege entails the responsibility of participating in the election process by casting our votes.

This post is specific to one such democracy, the one I that I am fortunate to live in known as the United States of America. We all know the enormous challenges associated with voting this year. Some are very real and some are made up and it all gets very confusing and overwhelming. In the end, fear and psychology should not keep citizens from voting in a democracy. I’ll be the first to admit that, in my lifetime, I have not voted in all the elections I could have. Shame on me for letting the challenges of the past overwhelm me at times when it comes to voting. Not this time.

I applied for and received my mail-in ballot several weeks ago. I marked my choices and returned the completed ballot in the mail. See the attached image. Today, I checked my county’s voter registration website and found that my completed ballot was received successfully. Yay! Even with all the challenges, fears, and psychology, the system worked. My tiny voice was heard.

So, don’t let the challenges overwhelm you. Regardless of the choices you make, the most important one is to cast a ballot on November 3. Do it.

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