The Protecting Veil

The fall color season is coming to a close here in East Tennessee and the Smokies. Going into this season, I had the usual expectations associated with the creation of meaningful images. I hoped, I feared, I had passion. Such are the dynamics I experience in the creation of art. Most often, things don’t work out and the process leads to failure, but I try to make the best of it and sometimes I’m fortunate to create an image I like. If good fortune really smiles on me, I even create an image that I love!

In addition to these expectations, I wanted to do something different, something new for me. I love abstract photographs, so I decided to explore this genre. I started with multiple exposures in camera. My camera has a function where you can capture multiple exposures and the camera blends them into one single image. Kind of cool. I quickly learned that it is not easy to create images with this technique.

However, one element of this technique started to intrigue me. I quickly saw that the scenes appeared as if I was looking through a veil. The more I experimented, the more the veil seemed to provide a level of protection between me and the reality of the world. A sort of protecting veil, if you will. I fell in love with this idea and it propelled me to waste dozens of images, but in the end, some images started to speak to me. I’ve included three protecting veil experiments here. I hope you enjoy them!

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