It takes many pixels to make an image. Sometimes, however, the fewer pixels you use, the better the image. I don’t mean to imply that we should all use cameras with low resolution sensors. No, instead I’m referring to the intimate details that lie hidden within a larger overall photograph, kind of like the elemental building blocks in a larger structure. Another brick in the wall, so to speak. In photographic terms, of course, this is often called a “picture within the picture” and every photographer worth their salt has preached the concept at one time or another.

I sometimes find “pictures within the picture” of my own images, but recently I experienced a rather extreme example of this concept. It happened when my daughter sent me an image and asked if I could print it. When I saw it, I thought, “wow, where did she get that?” And then I realized it was an extreme crop from one of my own images! In fact, an image that I hold quite dear. An image that I would have never thought to crop so extremely. And the truth is, I really like her crop. But I also like the original. I’ve never shared the original on social media, so I’ve included both versions here so you can see for yourself. A print of the cropped version mounted on to acrylic should arrive in about three weeks. It’s gonna be awesome! So, thanks to my daughter, a talented artistic and designer!

The lesson? Always listen to your daughter!

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