Why I Participate in Social Media

My last post on Facebook and Instagram elicited several comments from friends who follow my ramblings. Some of the comments were messages of gratitude that almost moved me to tears. Others described stories of personal loss that broke my heart.

One comment from friend and art lover Pam was noteworthy. She commented, “How can there be anything wrong in this world with beauty like your images.” Another from Norma stated, “I see BEAUTY in each! That helps lift my heart.” These and other comments were quite moving and reminded me why I participate in social media. Thanks, Pam and Norma, I needed the reminder.

I had two goals when I took my first meager steps into the world of social media. First, I wanted my experiences and images and writings to provide an example to others. There is nothing special about me. If I could do the things I wrote about and photographed, then anyone could if they wanted to. I still believe this.

Second, I wanted to provide a place, literally a physical space, where anyone could come to forget about “normal” and just get absorbed in beauty for a few seconds. I didn’t want there to be any politics or personal stuff or opinions. Just pretty pictures and ideas and shared beauty. Call it “Steve’s Bubble.” If people could escape into my bubble, then my mission was accomplished. Just a few seconds of beauty is often enough to re-energize our hearts and our minds so we can get through the everyday stuff that life throws at us. I was creating bubbles long before they were fashionable due to COVID-19. Just sayin’.

My presence on social media remains meager. As you can see in the attached summary of my top nine images in 2020 on Instagram, the number of likes I receive is miniscule. However, the comments I received from the likes of Pam and Norma and others are more than enough to validate why I participate in social media. Thanks again to everyone who posted! And thanks for the reminder!


  1. My sentiments exactly… It’s like your words came from somewhere really close to my keyboard. If even just one reader takes the time to relay an expression of gratitude or discovery back our way, all the effort to share our own art and thought was not in vain…

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