Spring is wrapping up in East Tennessee. Exit stage left. I’m sad to see it go. The trees have their full canopy, the photography workshops are over, the taxes are done, and the cicadas are coming. I’m fully vaccinated, and summer is around the corner!

I just returned from a trip to Cape Cod with Ashley. We made it a road trip just for fun, but also to accommodate plenty of food, wine, and of course the espresso machine. It also allowed us to travel in the rolling bubble I call my 4Runner. It was my first trip to the Cape. I knew it would be nice, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with it so deeply. I hooked up with an old friend in the area, had some great early spring weather, ate well, and visited the graves of ancestors going back to the Mayflower. Unbeknownst to me for most of my life, some of my roots go back to the Cape in the mid-1600s. Pretty cool.

I also met a new buddy in the name of Steven Koppel. Steve has a wonderful gallery in Chatham on the southern end of the Cape. Whoa. His work is uplifting, vibrant, and filled with mood. It’s one thing to see images on social media but viewing well-crafted large prints in person is a visceral experience. And Steve’s prints are stunning. I was particularly struck by one entitled “Heavenly Waters” which you can see on his Instagram feed ( Two weeks later and I still can’t get that image out of my mind!

Steve’s photographs inspired me to get to the beach every chance I could. That was pretty easy since our cabin was 100 yards from the bay and a ten-minute drive from the Atlantic. I know, tough conditions! The seashore was so compelling, even more so than other times I’ve been to the beach. Maybe it was a year of Covid or maybe it was just where I am at this stage of my life, but the seashore on the Cape was quite emotional for me. I loved the cold crisp air, the smells of the sea, and the sounds of the surf. I wish I could capture those feelings in a photograph, but alas I’m a mere mortal. Nonetheless, when I look at these images now, they fill me with those memories and that place. And that is the power of photography to transform a viewer! I hope they do the same for you!


  1. Hahaha! The espresso machine! Oh how I miss the before dawn Stevaccinos that help me through those painfully early mornings. Lovely images as always, darlin’. It’s always great to discover a place that captures you, isn’t it? We’re setting up shop in Silver City, NM and we’re completely smitten. You and Ashley have an open invite anytime, of course!

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  2. Wow very cool journey and images. Thanks for sharing about Steven Koppel. I’m watching his TED talk on EDI… Fantastic. Ann Barber ??

    Ann Barber


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