Even More Zambia!

Eventually, I suppose I’ll reach a point where I stop obsessing over Zambia and my images from that trip. But not today, so you’ll have to suffer through more images before my obsession subsides.

One of the biggest surprises to me on this trip was the abundance of intimate landscape settings. I included a couple of such images in my last post and there are a couple more here. Previous to my trip, when I thought about Africa and wildlife, I thought about savannahs and big open spaces and silhouetted animals near an Acacia tree at sunset. Plus echoes of a Toto song that is very difficult to get out of your head after you think about it, but I digress.

What I didn’t anticipate was intimate forest scenes with hazy light and interspersed trees that lend depth to the image. What a great setting for wildlife photography! As my buddy Dan mentioned to me in a recent comment, there is a resemblance to similar scenes in Cades Cove in the Smokies. Of course, the wildlife is slightly different between Zambia and Cades Cove, but you get the point.

Thanks again to Marsel and Daniella for an awesome experience and for helping me learn to see these intimate scenes. The images aren’t as simple as the wide-open savannahs, but I think these intimate scenes are quite rewarding to the eye. I hope you agree.

Here is another hodge-podge of images from Zambia. I hope they brighten your day!


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